Buffalo Covenant Church

The remodel of Buffalo Covenant Church’s Worship and Lobby space provided several challenges including restrictive existing conditions, ADA issues and poor lighting levels. Vanman’s solution was to level the existing sloped sanctuary floor, provide an accessibility ramp for the front platform, and expand the worship and Lobby spaces to make them more inviting. Additionally, the old pew seating was replaced with fixed theater seating, new carpet and an updated sound booth were installed, the wood ceiling in the worship space was re-stained and the lighting was updated with brighter, more energy efficient fixtures. Fabric wrapped acoustic panels were designed and added to the existing brick walls in order to provide more appropriate acoustics for their contemporary worship services while enlivening the aesthetics of the space. All of these changes, including an expanded parking lot at the main entry, act to create a more welcoming and lively atmosphere.

1601 Highway 25 North,

Buffalo, Minnesota 55313