Vanman Architects and Builders Inc. is committed to using our God-given talents to serve Him and our clients.

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality architectural and construction services in a professional manner.

Design and Build, Working Together Since 1957

Vanman Architects and Builders is an architecturally-led design-build firm in Minnesota. Established in 1957, our architectural design company has developed a rich history and understanding of our chosen fields: religious and financial institutions, private schools, and commercial architecture and construction. We’re also one of the only architectural building companies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro that has an in-house staff. This allows us to maintain our own construction staff, resulting in higher-quality designs, increased affordability, and total client satisfaction.


Once plans are completed, the national average completion rate for construction projects is less than 64%. At Vanman, 98.8% of our projects see completion!

Put Your Faith in Our Buildings

For more than 60 years, building for ministry has been our passion and the core of our firm. We have built, expanded or helped renovate hundreds of structures, collaborating with each congregation to ensure that we meet the needs of their ministry while still echoing their unique personality, traditions and heritage.


Over the years, we have also established a niche for designing and building financial facilities. While designing aesthetically pleasing environments, we also carefully consider visibility, traffic flow, customer parking and drive-up stacking to give you beautiful, cost-effective, innovative spaces that serve the needs of you and your customers.