No two projects are alike. We’ve been working and building innovative facilities in the five-state area of the Upper Midwest for nearly six decades, and through our wide experience and passion for religious work, we’ve learned that the best way for us to make the perfect structure is to listen.



The job of a commercial design firm during the creation process for any project is to learn your unique project goals, and then deliver a project that meets those goals.

As one of the few commercial architecture firms that offer an architect-led design-build experience, we make sure to collaborate with you and your team to ensure that everything is exactly right before moving forward with construction. This attention to detail has earned us a project completion rate of 98.8%, something unheard of in an industry where less than 64% of projects — with plans — ever see completion.



While we prefer to do everything in-house, we’re willing to collaborate with any architect or contractor of your choosing. We can integrate our processes and provide professional architecture, design-build, construction management, and general contracting services as needed.

Our team includes architects, construction managers, estimators, designers and site supervisors all dedicated to providing innovative, cost-effective designs that respond to your needs, desires and wishes.



  • Site Selection/Planning
  • Facility Assessment/Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-planning, Programming & Visioning
  • Preliminary, Sustainable & Interior Design
  • Contract Documents & Administration
  • Design-Build & Construction Management Services
  • General Contracting

Vanman brings innovation, budget control, experience and dedication to any commercial architecture project. With our reliable team on your side, your project will be beautiful, functional and completed within your budget. Take the first step and contact us today.