7 Strategies to Help Move Your Congregation During a Church Relocation

The decision to relocate your church is never easy. You have built your community at this location. Your congregation is comfortable here and it has been a major part of their lives. But sooner or later, whether your current church is running out of room or is getting too old, church relocation becomes the only solution.

Instead of stressing about how your move will be perceived by the congregation, take it as an opportunity. This is a chance for your church’s community to rally together and create excitement about a new adventure to ultimately help grow their faith.

After meticulously going over the final blueprint for your new building, it’s time to implement a church transition plan for your congregation and rally support for the big move. Here are seven strategies you should implement to smoothly move your congregation.
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Church Building Designs for Smaller Spaces

A church doesn’t have to be enormous to serve its purpose. Church building designs for small congregations can make a service feel more intimate, fostering a sense of community and a personal relationship with your religion. There’s certainly value in making the best use of your space, whether you’re serving 50 or 500 in your congregation.
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Working with Church Builders to Serve Your Fellowship

Once you’ve done your fundraising, and you’ve engaged the community in a discussion about what they are seeking from their worship building, it’s time to discuss your plans with church builders. You can read more about choosing an architect here, but today we’re focused on what plans you should have prepared before you hire a firm.

While it’s obviously the church builder’s role to complete final sketches and implement unique ideas into your blueprints, it’s valuable to have some idea of the features and spaces that you’d like to see in the final product.
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20 Questions to Ask an Architect Before They Build Your Church

So, you’ve decided the structure of the church you’re going to build, what your budget is, and you’ve discussed both of these with your congregation. It’s time to begin the interview process for potential architecture firms. This is perhaps the most critical part of building a new worship building. We’ve put together a list of 30 questions that may be relevant to your project.

Obviously, you won’t want to ask your design/build firm to answer all 30 of these questions. We recommend putting together a questionnaire with 10-15 questions that you and other stakeholders have selected as the most important to your particular situation. 
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Here’s What’s Trending: Church Designs of 2018

While the purpose of the church is timeless and universal, church designs change as trends in architecture, arts, and community priority change. Design/builders and the clients they work for are tasked with the duty of staying one step ahead of what’s coming next, so that their building will be looked upon as a modern safe haven, a community center that serves the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of its people.
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Hiring The Best Architects Minneapolis Has to Offer

If you’re on the lookout for the best architects Minneapolis has to offer, you have to be very picky during the hiring process. Any architectural project can feel like an enormous undertaking, but being vigilant and maintaining your standards can ease that stress and leave you with the results that you’re looking for. Settling for someone simply because you’re tired of looking can lead to major disaster down the road, before the groundbreaking even occurs. 
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Church Construction Costs: Budget & Fee Breakdown

As you create your church construction budget, you will need to consider multiple types of costs that will arise. From the site fees to the design fees, it is important to plan for every cost to keep your project on track.

Vanman will help you budget your project, using our own estimator’s quotes and fee schedules. This information is invaluable, as it can assure that your choices are going to work with your budget.
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