5 Perks of Using an Architecture Firm With an In-House Construction Team

An architect and a construction manager working together on a construction site

2-in-1 — the simple concept that was developed to make our lives a little easier. The phone case that acts as a wallet. The laptop that can be twisted into a handheld tablet. The washer that turns into a dryer.

You can welcome this type of simplicity to your new building project if you hire an architecture firm with an in-house construction team. Here are 5 perks your project will receive when design and build are coming from the same team.

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How a Commercial Building Architect Can Take Your Church to Greater Heights

A commercial architect must have that “special something” that turns an industrial building into a warm and inviting worship space. They must also have a thorough understanding of the laws and codes that go into a non-residential building.

Working with experienced commercial architects who are passionate about their pursuit of aesthetically brilliant churches will ensure that both you and your congregation are pleased with the final results.
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Vanman Architects and Builders Takes a Lead in Minneapolis Architecture Firms

There’s no shortage of beautiful architecture in the Twin Cities. From the Lake Harriet Bandshell to the Capella Tower, there’s a gorgeous selection of impressive buildings adding interest and art to the area’s skyline. Vanman Architects and Builders is proud to be a contributor as a lead in Minneapolis architecture firms. Our focus is bringing beauty and utility to commercial buildings, churches, and banks using the principles of design/build.

Established in 1957, we have been designing and building the spaces that you use everyday for over 60 years. With those years come experience, know-how, and success. The national average for completed architectural projects in the United States is less than 64%. Vanman completes 98.8% of their projects. We’re one of the Minneapolis architecture firms you can trust with your building plans.
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Church Building Designs for Smaller Spaces

A church doesn’t have to be enormous to serve its purpose. Church building designs for small congregations can make a service feel more intimate, fostering a sense of community and a personal relationship with your religion. There’s certainly value in making the best use of your space, whether you’re serving 50 or 500 in your congregation.
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Commercial Architects and Residential Architects: What’s the Difference?

Both residential and commercial architects are passionate professionals who strive to offer the best in design/build projects for their clients. There are a few fundamental differences, of course, between the two. As with most professions, architecture offers the opportunity for individuals to find the specialized field in which they excel the most.

If you’re pursuing architectural services, here’s what you need to know about the difference between commercial and residential architects:
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Bank Floor Plan Design Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult!

Working with your architect to design the bank floor plan that makes sense for your branch can be a rewarding, but frustrating, experience. It can feel overwhelming to attempt to predict exactly what your branch’s needs are going to be in the years to come. Choosing a floor plan that is both timeless in functionality and modern in design seems nearly impossible, as the two traits appear to be opposed to one another. 
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20 Questions to Ask an Architect Before They Build Your Church

So, you’ve decided the structure of the church you’re going to build, what your budget is, and you’ve discussed both of these with your congregation. It’s time to begin the interview process for potential architecture firms. This is perhaps the most critical part of building a new worship building. We’ve put together a list of 30 questions that may be relevant to your project.

Obviously, you won’t want to ask your design/build firm to answer all 30 of these questions. We recommend putting together a questionnaire with 10-15 questions that you and other stakeholders have selected as the most important to your particular situation. 
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Why Pre-Fab Church Designs and Floor Plans Just Don’t Work

If you’ve started to look into adding onto or remodeling an existing worship building, using prefabricated church designs and floor plans can be a tempting way to save time, money, and man-hours that go into a more traditional approach to renovation. While they’re a great place to start, you have to take into account the unique needs of your congregation. Working with an architect at Vanman Architects and Builders can help you decide what the best route is for the needs of your church.
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How to Choose an Architect for Your Church Building

You’ve done all of the fundraising and gotten the community involved, and now it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Knowing how to choose an architect can be the difference between a so-so project and a church that reminds you every day that you made the right choice. The right architect can make the process of building a new place of worship a joyful process that will be reflected in the hearts and minds of your congregation. Before you go about picking out an architect, though, you should be aware of the best practices for finding one that will fit your needs. Try these 3 tips from Vanman Architects and Builders to get started:
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Hiring The Best Architects Minneapolis Has to Offer

If you’re on the lookout for the best architects Minneapolis has to offer, you have to be very picky during the hiring process. Any architectural project can feel like an enormous undertaking, but being vigilant and maintaining your standards can ease that stress and leave you with the results that you’re looking for. Settling for someone simply because you’re tired of looking can lead to major disaster down the road, before the groundbreaking even occurs. 
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