How a Commercial Building Architect Can Take Your Church to Greater Heights

A commercial architect must have that “special something” that turns an industrial building into a warm and inviting worship space. They must also have a thorough understanding of the laws and codes that go into a non-residential building.

Working with experienced commercial architects who are passionate about their pursuit of aesthetically brilliant churches will ensure that both you and your congregation are pleased with the final results.
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Vanman Architects and Builders Takes a Lead in Minneapolis Architecture Firms

There’s no shortage of beautiful architecture in the Twin Cities. From the Lake Harriet Bandshell to the Capella Tower, there’s a gorgeous selection of impressive buildings adding interest and art to the area’s skyline. Vanman Architects and Builders is proud to be a contributor as a lead in Minneapolis architecture firms. Our focus is bringing beauty and utility to commercial buildings, churches, and banks using the principles of design/build.

Established in 1957, we have been designing and building the spaces that you use everyday for over 60 years. With those years come experience, know-how, and success. The national average for completed architectural projects in the United States is less than 64%. Vanman completes 98.8% of their projects. We’re one of the Minneapolis architecture firms you can trust with your building plans.
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Finding a Church Community Builder in Your Area

Before we tackle the question of how to find a community church builder, it’s valuable to understand what a community church is. Most often seen in small towns, where the population cannot sustain multiple churches of various denominations, a community church is an amalgamation of multiple faiths combined into one central location for worship.
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How to Hire an Architect for Bank Renovations

Commercial building renovations require a different approach than home remodels. Bank renovations, in particular, require designers, builders, and clients to closely work together in order to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for business. This is particularly true if you are hoping to make some major changes to the overall structure of the building.
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