Creating a Church Construction Pre-Design Plan: Part II

Last week, we discussed the first part of the church construction pre-design plan. During that phase, the goal was raise the appropriate amount of funds necessary and to start talking to experienced professionals, such as those at Vanman Architects and Builders.

This week, we’ll be looking at the critical third and fourth steps of a church construction pre-design plan. This includes setting up your project goals and finding the ideal site.
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Creating a Church Construction Pre-Design Plan: Part I

The need for a new church construction project often makes itself known in some uncomfortable ways, such as not having enough room for your congregation or you’re suddenly faced with a much larger nursery population than you have space for. Either way, though your fellowship may be eager to begin the project, the first step that your church leadership should take is creating a church construction pre-design plan.
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Emergency Readiness for Churches

In light of recent events involving natural disasters, it’s important to ensure that your church is prepared for a state of emergency. Often, churches are seen as a beacon of hope for those who are seeking shelter from natural disasters and other emergency events. Here are ways that your church can be ready to help the community and the congregation:
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Involving Your Community in Church Design and Construction

When beginning any church design and construction project, it’s vital to make sure that your congregation is on board. After all, without them, there would be little need to create a beautiful worship space.

Presenting the idea of adding onto or building a new church facility can be a tough sell, especially if you aren’t adequately prepared to respond to your communities concerns.

Involving the congregation from the beginning is an excellent way to create buy-in for your new church design and construction project. Use these 3 tips to make sure your ministry feels sufficiently involved with the new design and your church renovation company:
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