Church Construction Costs: Budget & Fee Breakdown

As you create your church construction budget, you will need to consider multiple types of costs that will arise. From the site fees to the design fees, it is important to plan for every cost to keep your project on track.

Vanman will help you budget your project, using our own estimator’s quotes and fee schedules. This information is invaluable, as it can assure that your choices are going to work with your budget.
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Church Stage Considerations in Your Worship Space

At Vanman Architects and Builders, we have discovered that the portion of the church building that often is not discussed early enough or often enough is the design of the focus of the worship service: the church stage, or church platform, or church altar.

Before getting too far into the discussions of how the church building will be designed, study how the platform or stage will be used.  An experienced church architect will have certain expectations of how your church uses your altar – if you use the church platform differently than expected, let your architect know to avoid any costly changes at the end of design. 
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