6 Major Moments in the Progression of Church Building Design

The Separate Building

The earliest churches met in houses, the personal homes of their more affluent members.  At one point in the church history, a point lost between the end of the book of the Acts of the Apostles and the writings of the church fathers in the middle ages, the church moved into a separate building.  This introduced an entirely new building type of architecture, for this new faith required a new design unseen in other buildings.
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How to Choose a Church Architect in 3 Easy Steps

There are 3 major parts that go into choosing a church architecture firm to help your vision come to life: Choosing who to interview by checking church architecture references, the request for proposal, and finally, the actual interview. Understanding these important steps can help you choose the architect that will suit your needs best.

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The 10 Church Architecture Terms You Should Know

As you prepare to search for a professional architect for your new church design and construction project, it can be difficult to sift through the jargon and get to the core of what is being said. Familiarizing yourself with architecture language can give you the advantage in the conversation. Here are the 10 church architecture terms you need to know before starting your new church design:
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