Erin Maruska

Erin Maruska

Architectural Designer

When Erin was in middle school, her parents brought home a computer program called 3-D Home Architect, and she was hooked.  In the seventh grade, in a defining moment she can recall with great clarity, she discovered that what she had been doing for fun was a career choice.  After graduating, she joined Vanman Architects and Builders in 2009 and works in preliminary modeling and material selections. 


Bachelor of Design in Architecture, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Get to know Erin:

Where can we find you when you're not working? What's your favorite way to spend time on a weekend or a Sunday afternoon?  
My free time is usually spent buried in books – in progress or written by others.  The official number of completed novels by me is close to five, and some twenty cook on the back burner.



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